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Archive: February 2020


A CheatSheet of 128 CheatSheets for Developers

  A list of the (in my opinion) best Cheatsheets and tutorials for some of the top languages, frameworks and tools out there.  General Awesome 001  Tech interview 003  Complexity 006  SEO 008  Programming, Scripting and...


Docker Cheat Sheet

  1. Fundamentals 1.1. Concepts Union file system (UFS): allows to overlay multiple file systems appearing as a single system whereby equal folders are merged and equally named files hide their previous versions Image: a portable read-only file...


Kubernetes 101: Pods, Nodes, Containers, and Clusters

  Kubernetes is quickly becoming the new standard for deploying and managing software in the cloud. With all the power Kubernetes provides, however, comes a steep learning curve. As a newcomer, trying to parse the official...


10 Best Linux Terminal Emulators [2020 Edition]

  Do you prefer terminal emulators over GUI? But there are times when the terminal’s decent styling seems boring. In such cases, you look for more options to customize the terminal just like we do while choosing Linux distros. If that’s the...

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