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Archive: February 2021

Astsu: Network Scanning Tool

Astsu is a network scanning tool which can be used to perform basic network reconnaissance tasks. It has been developed in Python 3 using the Scapy packet manipulation tool. Astsu: Network Scanning Tool Astsu performs three major tasks. The first...


What is DevOps?

DevOps is the simplification or automation of established IT processes. Here’s a brief tutorial to understand and get started with DevOps. DevOps… CI/CD… Docker… Kubernetes… I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with these words a lot the...

How Docker containers work

Here, we’ll look a bit at a Docker container’s lifecycle and how to manage containers. We’ll also look at how to think about configuring data storage and the network options for your containers. How to manage Docker containers A...

Deploying Docker Securely

Docker is a fantastic piece of technology for teams. I was asked recently about docker deployment security. I will outline steps you can take to securely deploy a docker environment. This assumes you are using Docker daemon on hardware running Linux...

How Docker Images Work

As you may already know, the container image becomes the unit we use to distribute applications. The container is in a standardized format used by both the developer and operation teams. Here we’ll look at the differences between software...

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